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We can supply a wide range of power inverters that are designed for Australian conditions and fully approved for use in Australia.

Solar Grid Connect Inverters

inverter This series of grid inverters are designed for direct connection to solar panels. These efficient inverters are a good way of converting your solar power into usable AC mains power for your home, office, or farm.

Modified Sine Inverters

MSW- 600watt 12 or 24v inverter Modified Sine Wave Power Inverters provide conversion from 12v or 24v dc to 240v ac power which will run normal home appliances, tools, PC accessories, games consoles and mobile phones from your car, boat, truck or caravan. These are designed for general purpose applications and less sensitive electrical appliances. They are a fantastic and economical way to provide mobile power anywhere for basic mains or USB appliances, ideal for every day mobile power conversion uses.

Pure Sine Inverters

Redarc Pure Sine Wave- 700watt 12 or 24v inverter This range of pure sine wave power Inverters provides a higher quality "clean" power conversion that closely replicates mains quality power. This is important to extend the life and improve the performance for expensive tools, appliances and scientific equipment.

UPS Pure Sine Inverters

Pure Sine Wave- 1000watt 12v  inverter with UPS, Charger and Remote The UPS pure sine wave inverters provide an uninterruptible power supply and battery charger. You can connect to either an AC input or a DC power input. Now you can charge your batteries from your mains power as well as provide an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) or back up power supply for your home or office, in case of a mains power failure.

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